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What is an Audience Persona and why is it more important than ever in B2B sales today?


16 Apr The Importance of User Experience: Sales & Marketing Collateral

The term ‘User Experience’ refers to well…. a user’s experience. It’s a term used mostly in web and product design but can be applied to almost everything. Designing experience forces us to asks questions with the end goal of providing the participant with satisfaction, pleasure or positive...

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02 Apr The Role Of Sales Collateral In B2B Sales

Effective Sales Collateral Should Do Three Things:

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19 Jan What Makes A Good Media Pack?

We see range of media packs for a variety of different events and publications. They all have the same common goal – to convince their customers that their solution is the right one for them.

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19 Jan What's Changed In B2B Media And Event Sales?

After the recession, B2B buyers changed the way they buy significantly. This means that event, publishing and media companies have had to adapt and find new ways of engaging with prospective customers.

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19 Jan How To Write A Killer Proposal

So you've worked hard to convince your client you're the right fit for them and now you've reached the final hurdle. Let discover how to write a killer proposal.