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02 Apr The Role Of Sales Collateral In B2B Sales

Effective Sales Collateral Should Do Three Things:

  • Drive a stronger sales conversation.
  • Make it easy for stakeholders to justify and sell-on within their business
  • Be easy to use by both the sales team the customer

Common challenges we see with sales teams are:

  • No sales tools in place
  • Just a media pack
  • Unprofessional in design
  • Inconsistent and different throughout the team
  • Team hides behind it and expects it to sell for them
  • Takes time to create by senior team

Some key stats before we begin

“56% of buyers said that sales experience was the most important factor” Sales collateral is often the first touchpoint for your customers, their sales experience starts here.
“79% of buyers had a strong brand connection at the consideration stage” CEB. It's important for teams to work out what attracted their prospect in the first place.


This is where understanding your customers is most important. How do they consume media? Are they tech savvy and access information on their mobile device or are they traditional and wish to receive a brochure through the mail?

Usability is unique to your customers’ habits and is a key element in creating your sales tools. Buyer personas are key to gathering this information (see our guide on 'How To Create A Buyer Persona'). With so much choice the customer will be more likely to take the path of least resistance, so make it as easy as possible for them to access your information.

Supporting Your Case For Change

Highlighting the need for change by presenting challenges your customer might face is vital in getting them to release their grip on their status quo.

Case studies: A great way to help place your customer at the heart of your story. Show them how other similar businesses have experienced the same challenges and how they have realised new opportunities or saved money through your insights.

Infographics: Increasingly popular in B2B sales, their ability to deliver information to an audience who is short of time. It also helps to create the beginnings of an emotional connection with your brand by telling a story through appealing images.

Reframing & Presenting New Perspectives

Media Packs: The centre piece of most sales team’s approach to breaking the ice with potential clients. However, the majority of media packs are glorified sales catalogues with features, benefits, scores of sponsor logos and usually very little to give the customer reason to choose.

The modern media pack should teach the client about their audience, provide them with new perspectives and reasons to change. It should teach the customer how to change and make it easy for them to justify their decision when selling on within the business.

There are now an average of 6.8 decision-makers in the B2B decision-making process, this is where a media pack is most useful in creating a commercial, insight lead case, backed up with proof. 

Audience Personas: Provide unique insights into how your client's audience behave and more importantly - buy. These insights are key in demonstrating why your customers need to change their approach and how they can use this information to best engage and sell to them.

Conversation Not Presentation

Presentations: Avoid the “Death-by-PowerPoint” scenario at all costs. The perfect sales presentation combines the necessary insights needed to reframe the customer’s perspective whilst allowing for conversation, discussion of ideas and collaborative problem solving. Great presentations assist the sales rep in staying in control of the pitch, whilst being highly tailored to the customer's brand and supports the sales narrative and methodology.

Closing The Deal

Proposals: After all this hard work, researching the customer, the cold call, the RFI’s and presentation, so many teams are let down at the final hurdle by creating a proposal in the wrong way.

The most important aspect of any proposal should be to make it as easy as possible for the key stakeholder to justify their decision and sell-on within their business to other stakeholders. See our guide on HOW TO WRITE A KILLER PROPOSAL




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